5 Things Your Family will Love about TreeTop Adventures

New South Wales, Australia

Getting kids outside to play isn’t easy these days. With so many high-tech devices vying for their attention, it can be a real contest.  That’s why I appreciate places like TreeTops Adventure Parks located throughout New South Wales in Australia. Our family recently spent a day at their Central Coast location and loved every minute of it. We arrived at 10:00 am and didn’t expect to still be there at 4:00 pm, but we were. We had to peel them away when it was time to go. This was one of our favorite stops on our 12-day Australian EDventure.

As a mom, I appreciate these types of experiences and what they do for my kids, both physically and mentally. Working hard, challenging themselves, problem-solving, and celebrating each other’s successes are just some of the positive effects of an adventure park.

While TreeTops has five locations to choose from in the New South Wales area, we spent our day at their Ourimbah State Forest location. With the trees being the real stars of the course, they aim for minimal environmental impact on the forest. They are a multi-award winning park and cater to people of all fitness levels.

1. TreeTop Crazy Rider
A combination of a zip line and a rollercoaster, the Crazy Rider is the first of its kind in the world and still maintains the the title of longest zip line in the world! The Western Sydney location also has a Crazy Rider that is the world's fastest. We opted for the Xtreme ride which included a kilometer-long journey filled with high-speed twists and turns. Both zip lines are fully accessible for wheelchairs.

2. TreeTop Adventure Park
High ropes courses build physical and mental stamina and are great for kids and adults alike. All five parks have high ropes courses and include various levels of difficulty. Participants go from tree to tree through a series of obstacles that have them climbing, pulling, crawling, zipping, and swinging their way through. Training and safety equipment are provided for all participants. Everyone starts with a safety briefing on how to connect safely to the course and how to move from line to line. 

3. TreeTop Vertical Challenges
For those who like to climb and are interested in heading as high as they can go – this is for them! Sort of like a climbing wall on steroids, these vertical challenges include a zigzag ladder, polka dots, and much more. Automatic belay devices make it easy and fun to get back down. Climbing sessions last 30 minutes long, and participants must be five years old.

4. TreeTop Net World
Think of a playground suspended in the trees, and you’ve got the right idea with Net World. Large netted areas create a vast network of interconnected spaces. Large inflatable balls, a variety of games, and defying gravity are part of the fun!

5. Children’s Adventure Course
For children between the ages of 3 and 9, Treetop has a perfect spot for them too. With an easy on and off continuous belay system, even young ones can make their way around a course without having to learn how to lock in and lock out of the system. That means they can climb, balance, and even zip line like the big kids.  And best yet, all of this is within the parents’ reach and photo opportunity.



Picnic tables are located throughout the park, so bring along a picnic lunch. Food trucks serving shave ice and other treats are also available. Remember to bring bug spray and sunscreen and plenty of water to keep your crew hydrated. With five locations to choose from including the Central Coast, Newcastle, The Hills, Western Sydney, and Coffs Harbour finding a TreeTops Adventure Park in New South Wales will be easy.


Has your family tried a high ropes course? Leave your favorite spots in the comments below.


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We would like to thank TreeTop Adventure for hosting us for our day in the trees.

We loved it 100% and highly recommend it to everyone!


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Karen says... (Reply)
"What fun! We tried one at Cannock Chase in the UK, we had a blast but my knees were pretty wobbly!" (5/27/19)
Crysta Parkinson says... (Reply)
"Oooh, so fun! These adventurous trips are so memorable!" (6/3/19)