5 Tips for Collecting

America the Beautiful Quarters

August 24, 2016

Without a doubt, the best way to treasure national parks is to VISIT them!  Like actually go and see them!  Make your way through them by driving, walking, hiking, canyoneering, paddling… you get the idea. 


But let’s face it, visiting every single national park, historical site and monument is just not possible for most of us.  So another way to enjoy these national treasures is to start a quarter collection with the US Mint.  This is a great activity to do with kids.  Not only will they have the opportunity to learn about places they have never been or even heard of before, but they are sure to get excited about filling up their maps and anticipating the release of specific quarters each year.

In 2010 the United States Mint began issuing these unique quarters and they release a small collection each year.  It won’t be until 2021 that all the quarters to complete this collection will be available.  Each state or territory has just one quarter depicting a special National Park, historical site or monument.  In all, 56 quarters will complete the collection.  For a complete list of which states will release their quarter by year, click on this link.
America the Beautiful Quarters® National Site Register


Tip #1
Get to know the US Mint website.  There is a great deal of educational information available like how coins are made, a brief one-page informational summary on the location of each quarter issued for the current year and more. You can even learn about the artists who design and engrave the coins of the United States of America.

Tip #2
Choose the folder you will use to hold your collection.  The US Mint website has some options.  Here are more options from Amazon.  Give your kids involved.  Let them choose!  They’ll be more excited about the collection if they’re involved from the beginning.


Tip #3
Decide where you’ll get your coins.  Our collection began in 2010 thanks to my mom.  She had the idea to begin this quarter collection for our boys and we are fortunate to just receive the quarters from Grandma periodically as they become available.  She uses Littleton Coin, and has been very happy with their service.  If you do an internet search, you’ll discover there are many places you can purchase your quarters including the US Mint.

Tip #4
Take the time to learn about each location when you receive a quarter.  Learn a few interesting facts about the state and be sure and look at a map.  The US Mint website has a great a great resource for kids called h.i.p. pocket change.  Your kiddos will find games, a cartoon on how coins are made and more.  Here are my favorite books on National Parks.  Purchase one of these or find them in your local library.

Tip #5
Have fun!  When your quarters start rolling in, enjoy the collection together.  Get a magnifying glass and admire the fine detail of the artistic image on the quarter.   Review the quarters you have received so far and talk about which quarters will be next.  Admiring a collection and anticipating the next treasure is a fun part of bringing it all together.

What about you?  Have you started an America the Beautiful Quarter Collection?  Share your tips here.

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Debbie says... (Reply)
"Once again, I admire you ♥" (8/24/16)
Lisa says... (Reply)
"Hi Dianne!! Loving your blog! It is so well done. Lukes granny gave him a USA coin map along with each states coins. I didn't realize there are coins specific to national parks. Can't wait to investigate!💗

*** Thank you Lisa! Aren't Grammys the best!!! Yes, take a close look at them, it sounds like the America the Beautiful Collection. Each state has one coin, some are national parks, some are historical sites and some are national monuments. Have fun!" (8/25/16)