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6 Reasons Why I Love Easysite
7 if you count the fact that I LOVE the creator

(quite literally)

Okay, you’ve been thinking about starting a blog or website. It’s been in the back of your mind for some time now and you’re wondering if you can really do it. The answer is YES. Absolutely YES! You may have grand plans for connecting with interested onlookers across the globe or maybe your ideas are more humble than that. Perhaps you’re just looking for your own little space of the Internet where you can share your thoughts with the people in your life. Either way, is a great platform to create your blog or website. In this post I’m going to share with you my personal six reasons why I love Easysite. There’s plenty of competition out there in the build-your-own website world, but I’d like to convince you that Easysite is the way to go.

Before I get to that, I have a confession to make. I am personal friends with the creator of Easysite.  Oh, “personal friends” might not be quite right. Actually, Steve Sivulka, the creator of Easysite is my husband.  It’s true! And NO, he didn’t ask me to write this post.  For many years I (along with thousands of others) have benefited from this incredible website builder, but I have never taken the time to tell the story behind Easysite and the great features that make it so incredible.
On a recent trip to Venice, Italy
A recent picture of me and my nerdy computer husband!

So now let’s get to the story of Easysite. And by the way, if you’re not interested in the story, you can quickly scroll down to the Six Reasons Why I Love Easysite below… 

It was 1998.  We were young (in our twenties), married with careers and no kids. I was teaching literature and history to 6th graders and Steve was working for a software development company in San Diego.  We loved traveling and every time I had a school break we took off on an adventure. Some of those travels included destinations that had particular interest to me and my 6th graders. Our history curriculum included ancient cultures and so when we were off to places like Rome or Athens, I wanted to be able to share my experiences with my students. I wished I could have taken those students right along with me to see the amazing sites we were learning about.
Back in 1998 - a trip to Rome for this young teacher!
Back in 1998 - a trip to Rome for this young teacher!
Today sharing stories and pictures seems like an easy enough thing to do with Facebook and Instagram, but back then all we had was the internet and email. Sharing online wasn’t a thing yet.  That’s when my wonderful husband said, "I’ll make you something you can upload pictures to and write little messages about what you’re seeing." Initially Steve had to be the one to sit in the driver’s seat of this newly created website he had made. At the end of a long day of sightseeing, I’d pick a handful of pictures to share and write captions for each one and he would program them into the website. My students loved it!  But over time, Steve realized it took too much of his time and he needed to make it easy enough for me to upload that content without his help.  I have no programming experience, so it needed to be easy!  Before long he had a business plan to make Easysite into a website builder, available to everyone.

Our family now - traveling any chance we get!
So fast forward 19 years... our family today - traveling and writing about educational family travel
So now you know the story behind Easysite. Over the years I’ve increased my travel writing at, where I share travel tips and inspiration for educational family travel.   Easysite has become such a central part of my communication with other families interested in family travel. Because of the great tools and SEO functions, this website continues to grow in unique visitors per month, far beyond what I imagined would be possible.  Now Let's get more into the details.  Although Easysite has far more reasons to love it than these six, these are the standouts for me.

1. EASY!
Just like the name implies, it’s easy! Really people, I have no programming experience and can quite easily navigate it all on my own. And to be fair, I’m that person who beckons their spouse to say, “Help! My computer won’t work!” - only to discover that it’s not plugged in and out of charge. So embarrassing! I also like the page editor that feels like Word. I can easily make changes to the font color, size and style. I can embed pictures and videos right into the text and even place them where I want them.

2. Social Media Integration & SEO Tools
If you want your posts to be seen on the World Wide Web, there are two things that are important to your blog: social media integration and SEO tools. With a few easy clicks, you can have your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest buttons hooked up and visible on your site. Easysite was built with Search Engine Optimization in mind. That means it is setup just the way that search engines like Google want it to be. Easysite makes websites that are ready to be crawled and index by all the search engines.

3. Email Blast Feature
If you’re planning to send out a monthly newsletter or alert your followers to something special that is happening, that is a breeze with the Email Blast Feature on Easysite. You can create the content and decide who will receive it all within the website. You even have an opportunity to send a “test” email to yourself first to make sure you like the way it looks.

4. Customization
With Easysite, the overall look and purpose of your website has endless possibilities. You can either choose from a variety of available looks or create your own with a unique custom header. There are more than 20 page types to choose from and you can customize the pages that work best for the style and intent of your site.

5. Security & Control
Easysite was built with security in mind. That means that your viewers are only able to view what you want them to see and nothing you don’t want them to see. You can even have pages that are only available to you and other site administrators that you choose. You also have control over who follows the site and what comments are posted.

6. One Low Price
Easysite won’t nickel and dime you for various features and add-ons. You get EVERYTHING for one low price. What’s everything? It’s all your website tools, hosting, telephone support, maintenance, backup, email forwarding and free domain name. That low price is just $19.95 per month.


Try for free
Your first 30 days are free, that way you can decide if you like it before you pay anything.

Now you know why I love Easysite for my blog needs.  But don't just take my word for it. If you were thinking of starting your own, why not begin with a free 30 day trial at and see if you don't feel the same. 


And... let me know if you sign up and if I can answer any questions.  What are you waiting for? Now's the time to start that blog you've been dreaming of!



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