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So you've got plans to visit one of our country's great National Parks?  Here is a list of our favorite National Parks Books for Kids.  Bring a couple along to learn more about your park and enhance your experience.


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National Parks: A Kid's Guide to America's Parks, Monuments and Landmarks

by Erin McHugh


This 128 page hardcover book is a real gem.  It begins with an introduction highlighting John Muir and his influence over preserving wilderness in the United States.  The book is then organized by state, each section including vintage style pictures, maps and facts. The very back of the book includes a pocket with an “American the Beautiful” quarter collection folder.

The Camping Trip that Changed America

by Barb Rosenstock


This picture book tells the real story of when John Muir took President Theodore Roosevelt went on a 3-day camping trip in Yosemite in 1903.

National Geographic Kids National Parks Guide USA Centennial Edition

By National Geographic Kids


This 176 page softcover is full of amazing photographs, maps and fact lists.  A great resource guide for all things National Parks, this book is organized by region.  Each section also includes information about animals, best views, what to take, driving routes, and ways to explore.

Journey Around Our National Parks

by Martha Zschock


This is a great book for elementary aged children.  It looks like a picture book with beautiful illustrations, but reads like a non-fiction resource geared for a younger crowd.  It is organized by topics such as ecosystems, family fun, geology, history and more.  Each section highlights national parks, monuments and historical sites that fit within that topic.

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