... About Me ...

I’m Dianne, married to Steve for 24+ years and mom to two adventurous and creative boys. I am thankful beyond measure to my creator and savior, Jesus Christ, whom I would be lost without.


Life is so much more than travel and writing! When I'm not on the road, planning our next EDventure, or writing about a recent trip, you can find me at home, in a meeting, or with my friends.


At home, I'm usually in the middle of 10 loads of laundry, cooking (which I love), vacuuming dog hair (which I hate), and homeschooling. We're going on our 9th year at a partial homeschool - charter school and we love it because the flexibility allows us to travel. I used to be a history and language arts teacher to middle school students, but that was another lifetime. 


I serve on the Board of Directors for Outside the Bowl, an incredible faith-based NGO with a creative solution to the world hunger crisis. I assist in fundraising and development and even get to travel to kitchens on occasion.  I also volunteer at our church, North Coast Church in Vista, helping with special events and planning.