Postcard Journal

Materials Needed:

-Collect postcards along the way

-Clear packing tape, colorful craft tape, a metal ring or brad and hole punch

-Writing Materials

-Writing Prompts

How to Make:


1.  Decide how you will assemble your postcards on your trip, and bring along the needed materials.

2.  Collect a postcard for each day of your trip or for each special place you visit.

3.  Have your child write on the back of the post card about that day, place, museum, tourist site, etc.  See the 10 writing prompts below for ideas.

3. There are so many ways to assemble these.  You can be as creative or crafty as you'd like.  The easiest way is the metal ring or brad with hole punch.  Using packing tape to make a traditional binding or accordion style journal is also very easy to do.  If you want to get really creative, pick up some craft tape in various colors and patterns at your local craft store.

4.  Each time you get a new postcard, simply add it to the back of your journal and watch it grow.











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