Hello 2017 & Happy New Year!

Journal Page

A brand-new year is a great time to reflect on the past and plan for the future.  As adults we tend to do this whether we deliberately write down our goals and resolutions or just imagine what changes we'd like to see in the new year.  Sometimes these ideas include personal goals that will positively impact our health or well-being.  Sometimes these ideas include travel plans, books we want to read, or lifestyle changes.

Jotting down goals and dreams is a great idea for kids too!  It gives them a chance to reflect on the past and what they're most thankful for or proud of.  It also gives them a chance to look at the world, their lives and imagine the future.  

Here is a FREE pdf journal page you can print out for your kiddos.  It might be just the thing to get your family reflecting on the past year and thinking about the year ahead.  And there's no reason you can't complete one too!  In fact, consider having each member of your family do one and then come together to share your thoughts.  For older children who already journal, have them write their thoughts in their own journal.  For younger children who are not yet writing, go ahead and write down their responses.  Enjoy some time set aside to reflect, dream and plan. 


Happy New Year 

& Make it a great one!




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