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Free PDF Pages


Writing while traveling is a great way for kids and adults like to remember their favorites in a way that is unique.  These free pdf journal pages are designed to be used in anyway that's convenient for you. A suggestion is to print copies before you leave home and 3-hole punch them.  While traveling, have your child choose one to complete each day. Add these along with postcards and other memorabilia to a 3-ring binder.



Journal 1 - arrival


Journal 2 - language & descriptions


Journal 3 - favorite memory


Journal 4 - food & something interesting


Journal 5 - remember & learned


Journal 6 - grin & gripe


Journal 7 - five senses


Journal 8 - haiku


Journal 9 - compare to home


Journal 10 - cartoon


Journal 11 - map


Journal 12 - generic photo entry


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