Rainforest Adventures

in St. Lucia

If you and your travel buddies are looking for something fun to do in St. Lucia, then look no further than the highly rated Rainforest Adventure. Our family of 6 just returned home from a week-long cruise in the Caribbean. Each day brought new experiences as we visited a variety of islands and eco-systems. While most of our on-shore activities included beach days and water sports, our day in St. Lucia was spent in a lush rainforest. After a bit of research, we discovered that St. Lucia is one of the most densely forested islands in the entire Caribbean and so if we were going to spend one of our days on the interior of the island (instead of on the water), this was going to be the one!

We enjoyed spending our time with Rainforest Adventures. I’ll be honest, we’ve done quite a few zip lines in various places around the globe, and we are an adventure-loving troop. But there was something very special about this day, and I think it comes down to three things… the unique Areal Tram, the incredibly dense and beautiful rainforest and the friendly and hospitable staff. Let me elaborate…

The Rainforest Areal Tram
This is such a fun and unique addition to the ziplining experience. And it’s the only one of its kind in St. Lucia.  We boarded a tram and then spent the next 25 minutes making our way up the mountain through the canopy layer of the rainforest to embark on our ziplining tour.

The Areal Tram
The Areal Tram
My husband liked the relaxing element of this ride, and I loved the educational portion of it. Our guide, Kadeen, provided interesting details about what we saw the whole way up. We passed over countless varieties of trees and plants, a waterfall, viewed birds and then the view out over the sea, WOW!

When the 25 minutes came to an end, we were happy to know that we would be returning the same way and would have another opportunity to experience this on the way down. Did I mention that we really liked the Areal Tram?

Although they have a few different options when it comes to tours, we chose the Ultimate Three and were glad we did.  This tour combines the Areal Tram, a hike, and eight ziplines for a complete package. If anyone in your group is not up for the hike or the zip line, they can opt to do the Areal Tram only. 

Lush Rainforest
Whether you’ve had the pleasure of exploring rainforests before or not, you won’t be disappointed here. We’ve spent time in Costa Rica, Mexico, Hawaii, and French Polynesia and there was something extraordinary about the lush interior here in St. Lucia. I don’t even know how to put it into words, but it was stunning.

Whether we were gliding over it in the tram, walking through it during the hike, or zipping by it on the zipline, we were in awe of the massive trees and variety of greenery. It was a feast for the senses and so incredibly peaceful.

Friendly and Hospitable Staff
We all know that guides can make or break an experience. We expected a good experience based on the TripAdvisor reviews, and we were not disappointed. Our guide, Kadeen was great! He was like a walking encyclopedia with the information, but also very friendly and easy to talk to.  Every staff member we encountered was the same way, friendly, knowledgeable and professional. 

Ok, let’s talk safety. I’ve not kept my fear of heights a secret. It’s real and present. And anytime I book a ziplining tour for my family and me I’m on hyper alert for any red flags where safety is concerned.  Rainforest Adventure met my every expectation. They have a double-line security system and do all the breaking for you. Plus they are a well-established company with facilities in five countries and have an excellent safety record.

Anytime an outfitter hands me a pair of gloves and expects me to pitch in and be part of the braking system I run the other way.  So I appreciated Rainforest Adventures' state-of-the-art zip system with safety precautions at every station.  While perched up high in the canopy layer we were always safely connected to the platform. Although we didn’t have anyone in our group that was nervous about participating, I got the sense that they would be fabulous at talking anyone into stepping off the platform and embarking on a fun (and safe) ride.

How to Book
Whether you are visiting St. Lucia from a cruise ship or staying on the island, booking with Rainforest Adventure is easy to do. Use their simple online booking system and include the transportation option if you’ll need a ride to their facility. They are located about 25 minutes by car from the city of Castries. A representative from Rainforest Adventure met us at the cruise terminal and drove us there. 


Disclaimer: We would like to thank Rainforest Adventures for providing discounted tickets for our family to enjoy.  As always, opinions expressed here are our own and we only recommend experiences we loved. We loved this one!

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Dawn says... (Reply)
"Wow - what a fun experience to have together! I absolutely love the look of that tram through the jungle - definitely unique! " (12/11/18)
Dianne Sivulka says... (Reply)
"It was so peaceful and pretty!" (12/30/18)
Emily says... (Reply)
"Looks amazing. St Lucia is top of my list for the Caribbean, and it's all about the adventurous things you can do there! " (12/12/18)
Dianne Sivulka says... (Reply)
"There does seem to be a lot to do there in St. Lucia. I wouldn't mind spending a few days there." (12/30/18)
Harmony, Momma To Go says... (Reply)
"I dont think I've been to st. lucia - my kids would love this! I need a tropical getaway!" (12/13/18)
Dianne Sivulka says... (Reply)
"You'd all love it!" (12/30/18)